Turn Your Brand Into a Movement


01 Apr Turn Your Brand Into a Movement

We live in a world with a 9 second attention span. One thing is for sure, yelling simply doesn’t work anymore. You can no longer differentiate based on what you sell or what you do. Categories are cluttered with “me too” brands. So now it’s about who you are. And even more than that, it’s what you stand for. Because brands today are about giving people an opportunity to belong to something bigger than themselves. That’s where the movement begins.

The two most important factors in your business are your profitability and your brand. Historically, we put all of our effort into increasing profits and making our presentation charts go up and to the right. We often sit back and wonder why our competition and other brands seem to grow so easily, and what’s their secret sauce?

We’ll let you in on a little secret, the answer lies in your brand.

We tackle our business as we do with most challenges in life, we solve our most important problems first. We quickly cross tasks off of our list that we know how to do and that we’re good at. Sure, we feel accomplished, but wonder why it didn’t move the needle. Then, at some point down the road, we think about the brand when all else has ceased to be effective and the novelty of your new “widget” has quickly worn off. At that point, you’ve lost some invaluable credibility if you’ve haven’t put your brand first and given people a reason to care or identify with who you are.

The moral of the story – people don’t have relationships with products, they do with brands. Especially ones that connect before they ever start to sell. As consumers, we embrace brands that feed into our personal “why.” And as humans, we find ourselves drawn to groups of people that share our beliefs and opinions. We have our most honest interactions within these groups. That’s where we find the power of brand that ultimately converts people into believers. Or what we like to call your movement.

Ultimately, products fade away and brands live on. Starting a movement takes more than a product or an idea. It takes a commitment to a vision and a group of people (staff & customers) willing and excited to push that vision forward.

There are 5 essential elements to your brand movement:

: Your brand WHY – Your reason for existing.

: Your brand IMAGE – Your visual presence.

: Your brand EXPERIENCE – Alignment of your people, product and place.

: Your brand BUZZ – Your personality.

: Your brand EXECUTION – Living your why.

Curious as to how your brand stacks up?

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