Does your brand’s logo really matter?

10 Dec Does your brand’s logo really matter?

Here’s my take on the great logo debate.

I’ve forever been an advertising agency gal, but I grew up on the PR side of things. The majority of my career’s early years were spent writing, reading, pitching, planning and then writing some more. But my favorite part of each day? The moments I spent prairie dogging over the creative cubicles. I’d all but beg to be a part of creative brainstorms. I was the first to offer up my unsolicited feedback to ad concepts and layouts, weighing in everything from colors, shapes, photography styles and copywriting.

Then I finally got my big break to make the switch from PR to account service. And just two weeks after my first day at Blind Society, a creative and branding agency in Scottsdale, I sat in my very first logo presentation. I was pumped. I finally had an official invitation to a creative presentation.

And that’s the day I realized how maddening my creative comments must have been for all those years.

I vividly remember the presentation and watching Jim Clark, Blind Society’s creative director, in awe as the light bulb went off: great logos aren’t just cool shapes and colors. They’re strategic. They reinforce the brand’s story. They’re brilliantly simply and extremely effective in conveying the soul of a brand.

I watched as Jim sat on a stool and set-up each logo before revealing it to the client. Jim would explain each mark’s unique concept and how the icon’s movement, positioning and shape reinforced key aspects of the brand positioning, features and benefits.

It was fascinating. The client’s dialogue wasn’t about shapes and colors, but about the bigger concept. And it forever changed how I look at logos. I now understand why a good logo costs as much as it does. It takes time, strategy and creative vision to bring an iconic mark to life.

Think about it. If brands are like people, then the logo is your outward appearance. It’s your first impression. Is your logo/look functional? Hip? Vintage? Feminine? Sporty? Aggressive? Passive? It’s how you portray yourself to the rest of the world. It’s how others in today’s ADD world can make a quick judgment on if you’re for them. It’s your chance to pique enough interest in others so that they want to learn more.

And just like people, of course is a lot more to a brand than a logo, but it’s where the visual identity starts. A logo is the first shot for a brand to connect with its best customers. A great logo can communicate and ingrain a brand in the minds of consumers.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at these famous logos and the meaning behind them.



Okay, you’re starting to get it. A great logo tells a story, is memorable and will stand the test of time. But what’s the real value of a logo? And when should you invest in it? Well, think about if Louis Vuitton or Nike took the logos off all their merchandise – would people pay the same amount for those products?

Probably not.

That’s why big companies invest big in their brand. Here’s some of the world’s most famous brands have paid for their logos.


So what’s the moral of the story? Blind Society is going to charge you $1 million to create your logo? No, absolutely not. That you can’t build a successful brand without investing in your logo? No. But as Steve Forbes said, “your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

We agree.

Are you an entrepreneur building a brand and need a logo or brand identity? Have an existing brand logo and are looking for a refresh? We do that, too. So before you run off to the $99 Logo Design or your cousin’s friend who knows how to use Photoshop, let’s sit down and chat.

Deal? Deal.

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