Happy New Year! Time to Talk Health & Wellness Branding

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08 Jan Happy New Year! Time to Talk Health & Wellness Branding

Hello, 2015.

How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up so far? Yes, I’m talking to you.

They’re tough. We get it. That’s why our team adheres to a strict rule, “Everything in moderation. Even moderation.” If you’re like the team at Blind Society, a creative and branding agency in Scottsdale, you’re a well-balanced blend of career, fitness, family and fun.

So when we had the opportunity to work with a new health-based company called Sober Up, we jumped on the chance to learn more. What we quickly realized is that unlike its perceived category competitors, Sober Up is not an anti-hangover cure for the college-aged binge drinker. Sober Up is a natural liver detoxifier that allows responsible, health-conscious adults to indulge and relax without the negative and harmful side effectives of alcohol. The .75 fl.oz. drink is caulk full of natural ingredients like ginseng, ginger root and honey that help your body increase the rate in which it rids itself of alcohol which ultimately restores balance and enhances mental clarity. Basically, the less time alcohol is in your body/liver, the better. So now you can enjoy happy hour and feel great for sunrise yoga. Boom.

A team of health-minded folks who know a thing or two about having fun, Blind Society was a natural fit to bring Sober Up’s brand to life. Our agency specializes in consumer brands in the areas of lifestyle, technology, food & beverage, entertainment and health & wellness. We worked closely with the client on everything from research, strategy and positioning to brand personality, tone and voice and did the heavy lifting on the brand visualization: logo design, product packaging, web design and everything in between.



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