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14 Feb Branding Agency Blind Society in the News

Phoenix Business Journal puts Phoenix branding agency Blind Society and our large format printing partners bluemedia in the spotlight thanks to our friends at Duality Public Relations. Full article referenced below, and here’s a direct link.

Almost all the signage you’ll see at the Super Bowl in Houston is from Arizona

Feb 3, 2017, 12:50pm MST Updated Feb 3, 2017, 2:16pm MST

If you’ve seen advertisements about Super Bowl LI between New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, you’re seeing work done in Arizona.Tempe-based agency Bluemedia was tasked with creating all the signs for the National Football League, Super Bowl and the city of Houston.

It’s not the first time Bluemedia has done such work. They’ve been doing it since Super Bowl XLIX, the last one played in Arizona. The company continued on in partnership with Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based marketing agency GMR.

Landing that opportunity took years, said Darren Wilson, president of the agency.”

Prior to being awarded the signage and decor package for Super Bowl XLIX, Bluemedia spent nearly a decade developing a solid relationship with the NFL, executing event graphics and fan experiences for a variety of public, private and annual televised events,” he said.

Wilson said the process of developing signs begins almost a year before the big game, and though their NFL contract restricts them from disclosing costs, he the scope of the project “has continually evolved over the years.

“If you’re in Houston for the game, you’ll see not only the work of Bluemedia, but another Arizona agency as well: Scottsdale’s Blind Society, which handles all print ads and billboards for the NFL Experience – the interactive professional football theme park that gets set up in the host city of each Super Bowl.

James Clark, the agency’s founder, said Blind Society has worked with the NFL since 2014, and that its project, which includes participate in games, youth football clinics, autograph sessions and pictures with the Lombardi Trophy, takes about four months.

“Each year, the NFL comes back to the agency to elevate the NFLX creative vibe and campaign to align with the Super Bowl guidelines,” he said.

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Read the article and see the imagery in the Phoenix Business Journal online.



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